T-Mobile BlackBerry users to receive $200 to upgrade to Samsung

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T-Mobile to offer a credit of $200 to its existing Blackberry users for upgrading to any new Samsung device. The $200 credit will be given to the customers in the form of a gift card.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed that the carrier is also offering $100 to users on its network upgrading to any new smartphone and said this scheme will remain valid throughout the year.

“Ready to make a change and upgrade your T-Mobile BlackBerry to a new Samsung phone? Now’s a great time to get a new Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light, or even the brand-new Galaxy S5. Simply upgrade your T-Mobile BlackBerry to a new Samsung phone, and we’ll give you a gift card for up to $200,” read the offer page.

“If you have a BlackBerry and are a JUMP! customer, log in to check your JUMP! eligibility at this time. If you’re eligible for a JUMP! upgrade, you’ll also get up to $200 back.”

Earlier this month, Blackberry and T-Mobile faced difficulties in their strong relationship, as a result of the T-Mobile’s email campaign that involved a free upgrade to the Apple’s iPhone 5S for BlackBerry users.

John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, first decided to break all ties and agreements with the carrier. The Canadian firm said that the T-Mobile’s license to sell BlackBerry products in the US market, will not be renewed.

In response to Blackberry’s decision, Legere said “The mobile carrier always has and always will remain loyal to BlackBerry customers.”

Legere has also confirmed the same in the offer page stating “Nothing’s changed, including how your current T-Mobile BlackBerry device operates on our network now or in the future.”

“Just like every T-Mobile customer, you can count on the very best customer service, no annual service contracts, the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network—everything. And rest assured, we’ve got your back from here on out.”