Twopchart: 44% of Twitter users are silent birds

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Twitter in February revealed a figure of 244 million monthly active users in the last quarter of 2013, but a social media tracking site Twopcharts claims that 44 percent of all Twitter accounts have never sent even a single tweet.

According to the latest from Twopcharts report, around 30 percent of existing Twitter accounts have sent 1-10 tweets, while only 13 percent of the total registered accounts have tweeted more than 100 times.

Further, the report also highlighted the Twitter’s user retention issue. The report estimated that around 542.1 million accounts have sent at least one tweet since they were created, which suggests that more than half of the accounts in existence have actively tried out the service. But just 23 percent of those accounts have tweeted sometime in the last 30 days.

Twopcharts is unable to track when someone has logged into their account. It can only tell when a user has retweeted or tweeted a message.

The research firm’s previous report said that only 40 percent of the 20 million new accounts on Twitter each month send at least one tweet during the first month that they signed up.

The microblogging site considers a monthly active user is one who logs in at least once a month and a person does not necessarily have to tweet to be considered a monthly active user.

Twitter has been widening its appeal this week with a photo-heavy redesign for profile pages that was similar to Facebook’s timeline. The company also rolled out new pop-up notifications to enhance user engagement.