Xbox One Titanfall bundle now costs just £349

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Retailers in the UK have cut the prices of Xbox One Titanfall bundle by a whopping £50 taking the prices down to just £349, which is equal to the price of a standard PlayStation 4 console.

Microsoft reduced the prices of the Xbox One by £30 as a promotional event marking Titanfall’s release in February taking the prices down to £399.99 at the time. The latest price cut doesn’t seem to be directly from Microsoft as only ASDA and Amazon UK are currently offering the steep discount.

During February’s price reduction, Microsoft had made it clear that price cut was “not driven necessarily by our sales performance”.

This may have been the reason, but considering that Xbox One has been lagging behind PlayStation 4 in terms of units sold price cuts of this type are likely to have sales as one of the driving factor.

Microsoft hasn’t released Xbox One sales figures since January. At the time it had reported global sales of 3 million units since launch and had shipped 3.9 million units to retailers.

Titanfall launch did help Microsoft to garner huge sales as was evident from March report where the console bested PS4 sales with numbers up by as much as 96 percent during launch week.