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New Photography Company Launched in North Carolina

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IWP Photography has been launched by Mica Parekh. IWP is set to be a new partner to both businesses and individuals who require professional photography.

“Our portfolio includes photography services for every business and individual need,”

Said Mica Parekh, the President of IWP Photography.
The lead photographer for IWP, Tesh Parekh has, amongst other achievements, recently had a photograph published in the Raleigh News & Observer.
IWP offers its professional photography services to everyone from leading corporations and commercial bodies own to individuals and those planning weddings/events. The geographical area covered is the state of North Carolina in its entirety.
Richard Atkin, one of IWP’s clients, recently used the company to provide their photography services at his wedding said:

Tesh has a natural gift of being able to capture candid shots of people during events that are not staged or structured and reveals the inner personality of the person(s) being photographed.”

For more details, Mica Parekh can be contacted on (919) 270-2510 or tesh_photo@yahoo.com alternatively; you can visit the company’s website: www.iwpphotography.com.