Facebook tests 3 new tweaks to privacy settings

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Facebook is currently testing 3 new tweaks to its privacy settings thoroughly before rolling them out to its users, recent reports have claimed.

Raylene Yung, Facebook’s privacy engineering manager and Michael Nowak, privacy product manager, have claimed that the company is using more than “4,000 daily surveys in 27 languages” to tweak its privacy interface.

According to the CNET report, the social network will start double checking, when the users update status, if they want to share it publicly or with limited audience. Yung and Nowak noted that the company is tweaking their mobile app interface and the web version to make audience controls a more prominent feature in the timeline.

Facebook is also testing a new privacy control for cover photos. Earlier, cover photos were public by default privacy settings. Another change is the “privacy checkup” that pops-up to ask people who haven’t changed their privacy settings in a while.

Facebook is also reportedly tweaking the audience selector toggle for iOS app and the desktop web version. The social network is testing a drop-down menu (displayed with Public and Friends groups) that lets the users select and restrict the audience for their shares.

The report also notes that the social networking giant is testing short privacy surveys to know which features users are not comfortable with. “We understand that some people have felt that Facebook privacy has changed too much in the past,” said Mike Nowak.

The company is reported to begin rolling out the 3 new tweaks in privacy settings of the apps and web to the users gradually.