Lightroom Mobile for iPad released with a subscription-only label

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Adobe’s pro-level photo editing app, Lightroom Mobile, makes its debut for iPad for a minimum subscription of $9.99 per month.

The main idea behind this app is to let users have the comfort of switching the task of editing across devices which calls for a server and Internet connection. Thus, it is necessary that you create a Creative Cloud account to get your pictures synced between devices.

Lightroom Mobile works as a complementary app rather than a standalone app which is why you need to be on the cloud in order to use its features. You can also go offline and edit your pictures which will still be synced across all your devices as and when you make the changes and once you are online.

The highlight of the app is its smart preview technology which compresses the images and displays them on a tiled layout on your iPad. The original file is stored as a cached file but with a lower resolution apt for smaller screens. The changes you make are automatically synchronised wherever you have a copy of your pictures.

Photoshop Touch is meant to be a standalone desktop app whereas Lightroom Mobile is an extension which makes it smoother for users to edit, organise and share photos on social networks.

Once you synchronise photos from your camera, you can start editing them from the smart preview. It has four main controls namely Filmstrips, Adjustments, Presets and Crop Control which have several controls related to these four functions.

There is also a 30-day free trial available for Creative Cloud which users can take advantage of before deciding if they want to use this app to manage their photos. This app can also be used with the other Adobe subscription plans such as The Photoshop Photography Plan Creative Cloud Student and Teacher and Creative Cloud Teams.