72% of Americans express privacy concerns over Google Glass

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A recent study by Toluna, a market research firm, revealed that 72 percent of those polled didn’t want to wear Google Glass because of privacy concerns.

The study comprised of over 1,000 respondents and the research concludes that Two in five respondents have identified two major downsides of Google Glass which have been prominent since Google disclosed the idea of this wearable Technology.

While 72 percent respondents have cited privacy issues for why they would not use Google Glasses, a majority of the respondents also expressed safety concerns considering the possibilities of being mugged.

Quite a few respondents were also concerned that hackers may gain access to their personal information and it also makes one susceptible to being videoed without one’s knowledge.

The next major reason cited was distractibility which could result in accidents. While equipped with such capabilities it could be tempting to respond to calls and texts immediately while driving and even a brief shift in focus could lead to accidents.

Mark Simon, the Managing Director of Toluna’s North American wing said “Google Glass is not yet available on the open market, although it is clear that a high proportion of individuals have concerns about the potential impact on their privacy,”

It should also to be noted that Google’s assurance of not including features like Facial Recognition that would lead to privacy infringements, has not convinced people to consider buying Google Glass.

Google will have to make things more transparent and design the functioning of the Glass responsibly in order to make their efforts come to fruition.

[Source: Adweek]