Intel: $129 Windows 8 tablets coming soon

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At the Intel Developer Conference (IDF 2014) held in China, Hermann Eul, VP, Intel Corporation, claimed those days are not far when consumers will be able to buy Windows 8 tablets for as low as $129/€94.

These low-cost tablets will most probably be powered by Intel’s Bay Trail Processors which are relatively cheap and consume less power compared to its predecessors.

One of the primary reasons behind the lower cost of the future Windows 8 tablets is Microsoft’s decision to make Windows available for free to device manufacturers who build devices with screen sizes less than 9-inch.

Low-cost Windows tablets isn’t something new as Dell, Asus among other retailers have already offered Windows powered tablets at $300 levels previously. But, the $129 price mark will certainly put Windows powered tablets in direct competition of Android tablets and provide a viable alternative to those who are fond of Windows operating system.

Further, Microsoft is already warming up to developers by offering them help to develop apps that would work smoothly on different devices which the users of Windows devices could benefit from.

Intel also announced Braswell chips at the IDF 2014, which will power future wearable gadgets.