Twitter incorporates direct messaging in Vine

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Vine, Twitter’s video-sharing service, has been blessed with a new direct messaging feature allowing you to send six-second video messages to only whom you choose.

Being able to upload a video and restricting it to just six seconds let people use their creativity to beautifully express their ideas. Giving them the option to share videos with only a select few has paved the way for better use of the service.

To create a new Vine message (VM), select the new “Messages” option from the navigation menu, record a video and send it to your friends. Videos can also be sent to people who do not use Vine – a possible marketing move from Twitter to get more users to use Vine.

Using the new feature you can send text messages privately. There is an option to share your videos with a set of people at the same time, but conversations will always be one-on-one rather than a big group chat.

Though this idea is great, users might want to have group discussions too and we can expect Twitter to consider it for the next update.

Users will find two tabs: Friends and Other. Messages from the people you know, in other words those who are on your contact list, would show up in the Friends tab and messages from those outside your network will be pushed to the Other tab. You can choose not to receive messages from others by turning it off using the Settings.

Vine also makes it more interesting by offering a palette of colors to customise your profile. Your customisation will be visible to others letting you add more flavour to the conversations you have on Vine.

To download the latest version of Vine with these features, visit the App Store or Google Play.