Facebook Messenger for Android gets free Wi-Fi calling

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Facebook has rolled out an update for its Android Messenger app introducing voice calling and pin chats features. The company pushed out the latest Facebook Messenger 4.0 update on Thursday and is available for free download in the Google Playstore.

The update comes weeks after screenshots were leaked online that revealed voice calling on WhatsApp, a feature rumored to be in the works.

The updated version 4.0 of Facebook Messenger will let users make free calls over Wi-Fi to any user in other country who has the latest version of the app installed.

To start a phone call, the users just have to tap the phone icon that appears next to Facebook contacts in the messenger. Both participants will need to have a Wi-Fi connection active to make or receive calls.

The update also brings group creation and message forwarding features. The group chatting feature offers users the opportunity to create groups for a chat, and pin them to a separate page within the app. The forwarding feature lets users easily share a message or photo with someone who isn’t in the conversation.

As part of the update, Android version of Facebook Messenger also allows users to add a shortcut to the homescreen for any group or conversation, enabling quick access to the group without having to launch the application. The pinning chat feature in the update is exclusive to Android as iOS is yet to receive it.

Early last year, Facebook first rolled out the update with free Wi-Fi calling feature, group creation and message forwarding features. However, the Windows Phone version is yet to receive this update.