Amazon starts displaying Metacritic scores for games

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Amazon has begun displaying scores from Metacritic, the popular game review aggregation site, alongside game listings, earlier on Wednesday. Metacritic rates games, music, films, and more on a scale of 1-100 based on published reviews’ values.

The numerical ranking from Metacritic can be found on every applicable game’s Amazon page, either at the bottom right to the game’s box art graphic or above the game’s price next to Amazon customer reviews.

Potential customers can click through the Metacritic ratings to the actual Metacritic page for the game reviews. The Metacritic user score, along with the critic score, is also displayed in the game’s Amazon page.

Amazon is the second major online retailer to show Metacritic scores on game listing pages after Valve’s Steam. Steam has long been displaying the Metacritic ratings alongside its game listings.

However, Steam has recently rolled out a feature where users can rate, recommend and review the game titles they’ve played through the Steam Community. Valve displays the Steam Reviews data below games system requirements information and is also in the plans of generating a score based on Steam Reviews.

Amazon has been in the headlines today with the US release of its Android-powered streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Game Studios has also announced the recruitment of Portal designer Kim Swift and Far Cry 2 designer Clint Hocking.

Metacritic and Amazon are yet to comment.