Viber rolls out Viber Out calling feature for Windows Phone 8

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Viber on Wednesday updated its Windows Phone 8 app with “Viber Out” calling feature, months after the feature landed on iOS and Android devices.

The latest Viber v4.1 for Windows Phone 8 also brings some other features including ability to send video messages, send multiple images at a time, and support for hands-free Bluetooth devices.

“Viber allows users to communicate with almost any of their friends or contacts regardless of which platform they use. Now, with the addition of ‘Viber Out,’ Windows Phone 8 users will be able to call any phone number with Viber”, the company said in a statement.

The newly added Viber Out calling feature enables users to make affordable calls from their Windows Phone 8 device to non-Viber contacts’ landlines and mobile phones. In general, the calls is said to cost a few cents per minute. However, the service price will vary based on the country the user is calling.

Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber, said “Viber Out has been a game changer for our users and allows them to rely on Viber for all their communication needs. With the addition of this critical feature to our Windows Phone 8 version, we are ensuring that the complete Viber experience is available on as many platforms as possible. This focus on cross-platform support is one of our most important commitments to our users.”

The roll out follows the recent launch of the new Viber desktop application. The new Viber v4.1 app for Windows Phone 8 is available for download in the Windows Phone Store for free.