Demonoid is back

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Demonoid BitTorrent tracker is back after over 20 months of hiatus and this time through Demonoid.ph.

New user registrations are closed at the moment, but those who had accounts on the old domain can use their credentials to logon to Demonoid.

Demonoid went offline in 2012 and there were few hopes of the semi-private tracker ever being live again and the situation worsened when Ukrainian authorities barged into ColoCall datacenters to copy data from Demonoid servers only to shutter them.

Signs of life in Demonoid started showing up in late 2013 with the home page for the site coming up with the message that the team was going to resurrect the torrent tracker soon.

A few weeks back when the tracker abruptly came online. Users speculated that it could be a trap set by authorities to nail pirates, but those speculations may have been put to rest with the latest development of Demonoid site going live.

“After some well deserved vacations, here we are, back online”, reads a message on Demonoid site.

“The site is now cloud based and there have been many changes to the code. As a result, you might see some weird glitches here and there. We’ll do our best to have everything working smoothly as soon as possible so please bear with us.”

The team notes that a separate forum has also been created, but users will be required to register for that separately.