Yahoo to launch its own YouTube rival

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Latest reports reveal that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is apparently considering the idea of developing Yahoo’s own version of YouTube.

According to a Re/code report, multiple sources “close to the situation” claim that the company has started approaching popular stars in YouTube, as well as major channels creating some of the most watched content.

The report clearly notes that Yahoo’s plan is not to duplicate the YouTube platform, but to create a platform for the most popular content producers to generate more revenue. In this bid, Yahoo is reportedly offering more money to the video makers than YouTube.

“Yahoo executives have told video makers and owners that the company can offer them better economics than they’re getting on YouTube, either by improving the ad revenue or by offering guaranteed ad rates for their videos,” read the report.

Apart from guaranteed advertising rates and greater revenue for videos, the company is also promising about improved marketing solutions that include home page exposure for maximum traffic.

Last year, Marissa Mayer planned a potential takeover of Dailymotion streaming video service for an estimated $300 million until the bid was quashed by the French government. The company later signed some big partnership deals including Saturday Night Live and also launched streaming app Yahoo Screen.

The report suggests that the new YouTube rival will also have similar focus. “Yahoo Screen was part one,” said a producer in the Yahoo’s video effort. “Now, this is part two.”

The company is expected launch its own video streaming platform within the next couple of months. Yahoo, however, is yet to confirm about this development.