Facebook rolls out Messenger for Android beta testing program

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Facebook has announced the Messenger for Android beta program, with automatic updates scheduled for every week. The company is planning to replicate that success of Facebook for Android’s beta program, launched back in June last year, with over 1 million testers from over 150 countries helping to fix bugs before the official launch.

The new opt-in program is open to all Android users interested in helping test the latest features. Users are asked to use the app normally and submit reports on any issue or bug or feedback on stability problems.

Facebook said in a post “Performance and reliability are important aspects of any high quality product. For a messaging product, this is especially true – we want our messages to be delivered to our friends quickly, and reliably. We have learned a lot about improving mobile performance at Facebook, and the Android Beta program is a helpful tool we have at our disposal.”

Facebook said the goals with this program to be “to expand our pool of testers and gain feedback across a more diverse set of devices” as well as “help us improve performance and the overall experience.”

The company claimed that its beta program will serve as a kind of early warning system using which it will be able to make everyone’s experience with the app better, once it made available generally.

Facebook promises that the beta version of Facebook Messenger for Android will be updated multiple times per week with bug fixes and new features. The company hopes to understand the “what kinds of sharing tools resonate with people using Messenger,” as Messenger is all about communications and private chats.