Details of Morrisons’ staffers leaked online

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Payroll details of thousands of Morrisons’ staffers were leaked on the web in what seems to be a rather well-timed leak on the same day as the company issued a huge profit warning.

Details such as salaries, bank account details and addresses of Morrisons’ staff right from directors to those on shop floor were leaked on the web and a copy was sent to local paper in Yorkshire, the Telegraph & Argus, by a “concerned Morrisons shopper”.

The theft seems to be the deed of an insider and it is believed that the data was copied onto a portable drive taken out of Morrisons’ Bradford headquarters.

“Initial investigations suggest that this theft was not the result of an external penetration of our systems. We can confirm there has been no loss of customer data and no colleague will be left financially disadvantaged,” the supermarket said in a statement.

The firm is cooperating with police and cyber crime authorities to identify the source of the hack and has also revealed that it is undertaking an urgent review of its internal data security systems. The grocer also revealed that it has alerted banks about the data loss and is working to ensure that its staffers’ accounts are protected.

According to BBC, the investigation is being led by West Yorkshire Police. Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wallen said: “We are aware of the situation and are supporting Morrisons and their investigation into these matters.”

Morrisons has posted a message on Facebook informing its staffers about the incident and the steps it has taken to limit the damage.

“Our immediate priority is the security of your financial information”, the message reads. “We are currently working with Experian and the major banks to ensure that we provide full support and assistance to all affected colleagues.”

“We are very sorry that this has happened. We will ensure that no colleague will be left financially disadvantaged as a result of this theft.”