Google updates Maps, Chromecast, Wallet, Search, Translate and Chrome Beta

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This week is no exception to the Google’s trademark “Update Wednesday,” with a plethora of apps including the Maps receiving relatively minor updates that squashes bugs and adds nifty new features. The updated apps are –

Maps 7.7: Google Maps v7.7 for Android adds public “Upcoming Events” to place cards. Maps will now include events in the search results for places, along with a new navigation feature that sort of dims the display and in turn conserves the battery.

Translate 3.0.5: Aside from a number of bug fixes, Google has added handwriting support for thirteen new languages – Arabic, Bosnian, Cebuano, Gujarati, Hmong, Kannada, Maltese, Mongolian, Persian, Punjabi, Somali, Tamil, and Telugu.

Chromecast 1.5.3: Settings are now found in the sidebar menu of the latest Chromecast build, which is pretty much, the only change in this update.

Search 3.3: Google Search 3.3 update improves cricket support, and brings with it an expanded view for stocks with a greater amount of detail, and improvements when viewing a searched image. Hotword detection now has its own section that can be disabled on the home screen using the Google Now Launcher.

Chrome Beta 34.0.1847.62: Google has rolled out a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Wallet 2.0-R155-v14-Release: Google Wallet update brings “Orders,” an easy way to track online purchases. With the new order tracking feature, users can automatically track online orders, receive notifications about status updates, and track all past orders.

YouTube 5.5.27: Google might have accidentally sent out an internal build of the YouTube app, but it was quickly fixed by releasing version 5.5.27. There are some small UI changes throughout the app, large cards have been replaced by smaller ones in the videos and playlists tabs in user channels. Playlists are also displayed in the sidebar menu.