Brits trying to sell Kidneys for £20,000 on Facebook

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Cash-strapped Brits are taking to Facebook to sell off their kidneys for as low as £20,000, a newspaper reported.

According to a Sunday Post report, desperate Brits are ready to unload their kidneys for money on the social networking site. One of the reporters of the newspaper “posed as the brother of a woman desperately needing a transplant and placed an advert on a Facebook page specifically set up to buy and sell organs.”

The report claims that the advert received as many as 11 replied within a week’s time from people across the globe. The reporter indulged in mock negotiations with all those who had replied from the UK including a northerner who demanded £30,000 for his kidney and a guy from Northampton who wanted £20,000. Out of the 11 who replied, three were from India, one each from Mexico and Tanzania.

Sunday Post report also revealed that site contained recent advertisements from desperate Brits willing to risk their lives and freedom for cash. There were instances where people were ready to talk to anyone who was willing to make a reasonable offer.

Facebook will certainly not condone such organ trading pages, but considering how vast the social site has become over the years, it wouldn’t be practical to examine and ban each and every page that gets created on the social network.