Instagram users to be bombarded with $100m worth of Ads

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Instagram is seemingly on its way to generate some revenue through its monetisation techniques and users in return will be bombarded with $100 million worth of ads from clients of Omnicom Media, a new report reveals.

When Facebook acquired Instagram last year it wasn’t rocket science to assume that Mark Zuckerberg was going to ensure that he gets every cent he spent back, but it wasn’t clear what path he was going to choose. October 2013 brought along the announcement that Instagram will be running ads and it didn’t take more than a month for ads to appear on the app.

The $715 million Instagram acquisition was destined to bear Facebook’s fruits and with 150 million active users and 55 million photos loaded daily, advertisers are in for a large enough audience.

One such agency that is willing to spend huge chuck of its clients’ advertising budget on Instagram is Omnicom Media Group – a media agency network that has a huge client base and has stake in Instagram acquisition reports Ad Age.

Ads will be loaded in users’ stream and will stay put for a day – a still image or a video. According to the report users won’t be shown a large number of ads, but Instagram will be delivering targeted ads as the Facebook owned app is looking for few long term partners.