Samsung playing fair with latest KitKat update for Galaxy S4 and Note 3

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Samsung recently released Android KitKat updates for Galaxy S4 and Note 3 and with those updates it has tried to wash away the malign it had built up for itself after coding in bits that would amp up the performance of Galaxy S4 and Note 3 if it detected specific benchmark tests.

Ars Technica exposed this code last year in October and it again put both the handsets through a series of tests after updating them to run Android KitKat.

The tech site found that with the latest update the piece of code that was responsible for the 20 percent boost in performance during benchmark tests have gone. Further, the new tests reveal that results have diminished as compared to last year’s results giving us a more accurate picture of what the handsets are capable of doing.

Samsung in its defence last time around had revealed at the time that GPU frequencies were varied to provide optimum user experience rather than improve benchmark results.

We would like to note here that almost all smartphone vendors resorted to similar tactics to boost performance of handsets during benchmark tests. However, only Google and Motorola refrained from such tactics and played a fair game.