Apple iOS 7.1 may ship out anytime now

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Apple is likely to release iOS 7.1 update anytime now, John Gruber of Daring Fireball speculates.

Gruber notes that he had heard of Apple’s plans of releasing an SXSW app that is iOS 7.1 compatible and will stream iTunes Festival performances at SXSW. SXSW is starting on March 11 and if Apple’s plans of releasing such an app are indeed true, then release of iOS 7.1 update is just around the corner.

“Apple is going to stream the performances to iOS devices using an app, but I’ve heard from a little birdie that the app requires iOS 7.1 (which explains why the app isn’t out yet)”, notes Gruber.

“That means iOS 7.1 should ship any day now.”

One thing that will come to mind is that Apple hasn’t released a Gold Master of iOS 7.1 to developers and releasing a new version publicly without first releasing it to developers is highly unlikely. Chances are that the Gold Master may be released in a couple of days followed by a public release just before the March 11 event.

Apple has been testing iOS 7.1 update since November last year and with 5 developer betas already out, it is high time that Apple finalises the update.

According to developer reports, the update will bring with it quite a few visual updates including revamped shift and caps locks keys, new look for phone dialer and refined icons for the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps.