Skype integration with Outlook.com available globally

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Microsoft has integrated Skype with Outlook.com allowing all users of the webmail service to communicate using the instant messaging and video call service without leaving their inbox.

“Today we are excited to announce the worldwide availability of Skype for Outlook.com”, reads a blog post by Karen Tong Skype marketing executive. “We began rolling out a preview version to select markets last year, and now we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with our customers around the world.”

The service was first rolled out in a limited manner in US and Germany and during that time several bugs including incompatibility bugs between plugin and desktop versions were reported during the limited roll out. Microsoft has assured that all those bugs have been ironed out.

To utilise this feature you are required to first download and install the necessary plugin following which you need logon to your outlook.com account. Then on the top right hand corner click on the messaging icon and import your Skype contacts to Outlook.com (if the accounts are separate).

The plugin allows users to send text message, call or place a video call to Skype contacts without desktop application. Users on Mac will also be able to avail the functionality as well.

“We’re also thrilled that the version available worldwide today now supports HD video calling for PC users, so video calls from your inbox are clearer than ever”, notes Tong.

Users will be able to place calls through to their Skype contacts by either:

  • clicking on the chat button and then entering the name of the contact under “start new conversation” field and then click on the video; or
  • voice call buttons or clicking on Skype audio or video call button while in a chat session; or
  • while reading an email hover over your contact’s picture and then click on the Skype audio or video call button that appeared above the contact details.