Three has 1.7 million users on its 4G network

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Three has revealed that it has managed to garner 1.7 million users on its 4G network since it was rolled out last year.

Three began rolling out its 4G service in December 2013 starting with London, Manchester, Birmingham and Reading. The mobile operator has revealed that it is planning to roll out the service in 50 cities and 200 towns across the UK by end of 2014.

The mobile operator isn’t charging its customers to upgrade to 4G services unlike its competitors like Vodafone and that could explain the 1.7 million users as compared to Vodafone’s 500,000 users. Currently only Everything Everywhere, which got a one year head start as compared to other operators, is ahead of Three with 2 million 4G customers.

Along with 4G user count, the company also revealed its overall userbase as well as some financial numbers. With a total of 7.9 million users the company revealed that its overall profits have doubled for the year to £207 million from £101 million.

Three has been working on strengthening its 4G network with steps such as a network sharing deal with EE earlier this month followed by a deal with Virgin Media to improve its backhaul.