Facebook retires @facebook.com email address system quietly

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Facebook has put a full stop to its own email system after being unsuccessful to attract users. This means that the email address system that gave all users a @facebook.com mailing account is just no more.

Existing mail service users will be soon be notified that emails sent to their “@facebook.com” address will be forwarded to the personal email address listed on their account from which they signed up for the site.

The social giant introduced its own email service back in 2010 with an aim to streamline users’ communication through a single inbox that could cover Facebook messages, SMS texts, and all other conventional emails.

Unfortunately, the email service didn’t work as expected. The service failed to connect with users and as a result Facebook has decided to terminate it.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news saying that “We’re notifying people who use their @facebook.com email that the feature is changing.”

“We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address”.

“When someone sends you an email to your @facebook.com address, it will no longer go to your Messages on Facebook”.

“Instead, the email will be forwarded to the primary email address on your account. (People have the option to turn forwarding off),” the spokesperson added.

Although email forwarding option will be turned on by default, users can turn off the forwarding option by simply removing their primary email address from their account or simply turning it off in the settings.

The change is expected to take place in early March.

The email service termination news comes just days after Facebook announced a surprise purchase of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for a whopping $19bn (£11.4bn).