Apple iOS 7.0.6 update allegedly bricks iPhone 5S, iPad Air

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Apple released iOS 7.0.6 to patch a vulnerability, which if unpatched could allow attackers to capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS. However, quite a few users have reported that the upgrade didn’t go as planned and their iDevices have been bricked after the update or during the update process.

Users have flocked to Twitter as well as Apple support forums voicing their concerns and frustrations as quite a few users have tried updating their iOS 7 devices while on the move and once bricked, their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch requires a connection to iTunes to restart.

“Updated my iPhone 5s to 7.0.6 and the phone won’t turn back on”, wrote one user on Apple Support. “Same problem here. 7.0.6 completely bricked my IPhone 5s. It won’t turn on or restore”, wrote another user.

Some of the users were able to enter recovery mode and then after a factory reset managed to restore their last backup to get their iDevice working, but quite a few were not lucky.

“I had the same thing happen last night, but I’m unable to restore. iTunes detects my phone… even though the serial number field says N/A. But, when I press Restore it gives me an iTunes Error #11 and stops”, wrote one user.

“Warning: Apple iOS 7.0.6 bricked my device. Loses all data, requires iTunes cable. Common occurrence for others also. Do not install!” wrote one user on Twitter.

“iOS 7.0.6. Bricked my iPad Air. Help @AppStore :(,” wrote another.

The issue doesn’t seem to be widespread as there are relatively less entries on both Twitter and Apple Support; however, we recommend that users first backup their devices before they hit the update button and only go about doing it if they have their iTunes loaded system with them in case the update fails.