BBM to sport stickers soon

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Stickers have been picking up lately and quite a few messaging apps including LINE and Facebook flaunt them as a necessity and one of the primary ways to communicate with friends and family and the latest to join the bandwagon is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Currently only available to beta testers, the stickers on BBM will be made publicly available sometime in near future.

According to BlackBerry, stickers on BBM will be available in packs of 25 for people to buy. Further quite a few of the existing emoticons will be converted to stickers and made available for download for free.

We’re not sure what all kinds of stickers can users expect and when will they be made available for general public, but BlackBerry as revealed that users can look for stickers of their favourite characters from TV shows, movies and so on.

BlackBerry never ruled out monetization plans for BBM and it seems that stickers is the first steps towards generating some cash from the now cross-platform messaging service.