Ericsson to demo 450Mbps LTE mobile networking

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Ericsson is all prepped up to show off its 450Mbps LTE mobile networking at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The new technology from Ericsson uses what is called carrier aggregation that combines signals from multiple base stations and multiple radio frequency bands. Carrier aggregation is used in advanced 4G LTE implementations as well, but at theoretical speeds of 100Mbps.

Ericsson will demo a single device connecting to three different carriers and will also show the use of 3.5GHz radio spectrum in its carrier aggregation technology. The three carrier technology is not ready for use, but a similar technology that utilises two carriers and can reach speeds of up to 300Mbps.

The LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation demo suite will include: “Speeds up to 450Mbps to a single device using three carriers” and “Commercially ready LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation using two 20MHz carriers, with the world’s first inter-company demonstration of mobile broadband speeds up to 300Mbps to a partner device”, notes Ericsson in a press release.

The 3.5 GHZ LTE demo suite will include “Use of the 3.5GHz band and LTE Advanced as a carrier aggregation supplementary downlink to a partner device, another world first, to increase mobile broadband speeds.”

Some of the other highlights of Ericsson’s demo at MWC 2014 include concept 5G system solution, Future City Coordination Center and Global Network Operations Center.