Lync-Skype video calling demoed

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Back in 2013 Microsoft announced that it is planning to add video calling feature between Lync and Skype clients and recently Microsoft demoed the feature showcasing the ease with which users of platforms will be able to communicate with each other for free.

Derek Burney, the Corporate Vice President, Strategic Relations and Solutions for Microsoft Lync gave the first public demonstration of video calling between Lync and Skype at this year’s Lync Conference in Las Vegas.

The Microsoft Lync-Skype Connectivity v2 brings with it not only enterprise-grade security and best-of-breed audio, but also includes video calling feature paving way for new communications scenarios including business to business communication and Business to customer communications.

“This release combines Skype’s reach with Lync’s enterprise features and I believe in years to come, we’ll realize how these first steps led the way to a new era of communication between individuals and the organizations they interact with”, said Barry Castle Principal Program Manager for Lync-Skype connectivity v2 in a blog post.

The Lync-Skype communication solution will also be available on other platforms and as part of the demo, Burney showed off Android version designed for tablets.

Lync-Skype video calling feature is slated for a public release sometime this summer.