Vodafone to launch 4G roaming in Europe, New Zealand and UK

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Vodafone Australia is all set to launch its ultra-fast 4G roaming services in countries like Europe, New Zealand and the UK

Thanks to the company’s new Red plans customers will be able to gain access to 4G in Vodafone’s networks in the UK, New Zealand, and parts of Europe by paying just AU$5 per day extra.

The company already has its 4G roaming services available on its own networks in countries including Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Vodafone, as part of its Spring £7bn investment programme, will be expanding 4G roaming to Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK probably by summer 2014.

Customers will also be able to use 4G networks of other telecommunications companies in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.

Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Australia, Benoit Hanssen, says that this step is a part of Vodafone’s ambitious network strategy, which aims at delivering an ever-improving experience to its customers.

Hanssen said: “We have spent billions building a new 3G and 4G network and this latest news shows we have no intention of slowing down”.

“To extend access so customers can continue to enjoy super-fast speeds internationally is a natural next step, and the Red plans offer the best value in the industry for data allowances both here and overseas.

“Travellers, whether on holiday or business, will be able to take their plan overseas for only $5 a day and enjoy the benefits of 4G. Whether updating Facebook or checking work emails, 4G roaming is easy to use and typically less expensive than many hotel Wi-Fi connections.”