US gets first ever Bitcoin vending machine

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Lamassu, Bitcoin vending machine manufacturer, revealed yesterday that it has installed the first ever Bitcoin vending machine in US at the Imbibe Nob Hill cigar bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, near the University of New Mexico.

The Bitcoin vending machine is operated by Enchanted Bitcoins. The service is now live and customers can buy Bitcoin using US dollars or other currencies.

“This is very special for us” said Zach Harvey, CEO of Lamassu in a press release. “Enchanted Bitcoins are paving the way for mainstream Bitcoin accessibility in the Unites States.”

Enchanted Bitcoins has established what is known as a full AML program and has managed to successfully register with US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a Money Services Business.

“Congratulations to Enchanted Bitcoins on becoming the first Bitcoin sales kiosk in the United States”, said Juan Llanos, anti-money laundering and regulatory compliance expert.

“I’m proud to have helped Enchanted Bitcoins’ leadership develop a world-class strategy to manage the company’s end-to-end operational processes in a safe and compliant manner.”

The vending machine doesn’t allow customers to withdraw any cash and just provides for a one way transaction – US Dollars or other currency to Bitcoins. Customers won’t be able to withdraw any cash by converting Bitcoin.

Robocoin, which is based in Las Vegas, is planning to open first ever Bitcoin ATMs throughout the US starting with Seattle next month followed by Washington, and Austin, and Texas.