Android tablet usage grows more than 300 percent in the UK

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A study conducted by the Cloud, one of UK’s leading public WiFi hotspot providers, has revealed that popularity of Android powered tablet devices has increased many folds during the holiday season.

The Cloud found that there was a whopping 114% increase in the number of tablet devices accessing the WiFi network on January 8th 2014 as compared to the same day a year before. This date was chosen for the study as it is the first day after Christmas on which the majority of UK is back at work and new devices have been registered.

The study also revealed that while there was a 307 percent increase in the number of Android tablets accessing the network as compared to last year, iOS tablets usage also increased but only by 106 percent.

Vince Russell, Managing Director, The Cloud said: “What’s stood out in the first few weeks of 2014 is the rise in Android tablets using our WiFi compared with this time last year.”

“The figures also show how we are becoming more tablet-obsessed as a nation. Since the start of 2014, the UK has spent over 39 million tablet-based minutes online. With everything from online banking to retail and healthcare being increasingly tablet-based, we expect usage to grow even more over the next 12 months.”

The Cloud currently entertains more than 8 million registered users and offers free WiFi in over 20,000 U.K locations.