Hackers targeting previously unknown flaw in Internet Explorer 10

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Attackers are utilising a previously unknown flaw in Internet Explorer 10 to attacks users online, a security company has claimed.

Researchers over at FireEye have discovered attacks against Microsoft’s browser – Internet Explorer 10 – and claim that thousands of users have been targeted by exploiting the flaw. The security company revealed that perpetrators have hacked into websites of the US Veterans of Foreign Wars and inserted a link redirecting users to malicious web pages that hosted the malicious infectious code.

Darien Kindlund believes that attackers may have been after information from systems of former and current military personnel. Kindlund further revealed that the attack campaign shared traits and features previously seen and attributed to hacker groups in mainland China.

Microsoft is already aware of the targeted attacks on Internet Explorer 10 and Redmond’s spokesperson Scott Whiteaker said “We will take action to help protect customers.”

The attack vector doesn’t affect Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft revealed that users who have installed Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit are safe.