Gmail Users Fore-Warned on Cyber Attacks & Hacks

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On the 2nd October, Google started sending out messages to thousands of users of its ‘Gmail’ service, warning them of possible pending Cyber Attacks.
A report in the New York Times revealed that security staff at Google initiated the messaging of Gmail users after they discovered information about the people behind certain cyber-attacks, which are said to come from foreign sources, especially the Middle East.

USA Under Attack From Foreign Cyber-Invaders?

According to a report on eweekly.com, this event comes only a few months after Google announced that it would begin warning Gmail users of possible attacks on their accounts, that Google bods felt may be coming from state-sponsored groups.

In the past, it was commonly believed that China has been behind many of the cyber-attacks on the US; however this latest round, according to Google’s security experts, appears to be coming from the Middle East. However a spokesperson for the company, Mike Wiacek, wouldn’t be drawn on which Middle Eastern countries in particular the attacks were likely to come from.

How to Protect Your Gmail Account

Perhaps one of the most important ways to protect your Gmail account is to use the two-step verification service that Google recently introduced.
Other ways to protect yourself, include:

  • Keeping your browser up to date
  • Only installing trusted browser plugins
  • Periodically review any browser add-ons and toolbars, removing any you don’t trust
  • Be cautious with emails asking you to click a link and log in (to anywhere!), instead of clicking links in such emails, navigate to the website in question, and login as you normally would.

Google also has a page dedicated to advise on how to keep your account safe, here