Three aims 4G backhaul improvement through Virgin Media deal

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Three has entered into a five year deal with Virgin Media, which will see the latter providing fibre optic connectivity of up to 120 Mbps to the former’s network.

The five year deal between the two will improve the mobile operator’s backhaul in an attempt to cope up with the anticipated strain coming from 4G users after the network has been rolled out across the UK.

As per the deal, Virgin, using its nationwide fibre network, will provide better connections between 15 of Three’s aggregation sites and its core data centers all across the UK.

It is claimed that the deal will expand Three’s network capacity to 300 gigabytes. Although no financial details have been disclosed yet, it is considered as a “multi-million pound” deal.

George Wareing, Sales Director at Virgin Media Business, said “Three recognises the challenge presented by increasing demand for data from customers and is doing all it can to safeguard its future services.”

“Through our network, they can meet customer expectations and deliver a fast and consistent connection.”

Bryn Jones, Three’s chief technical officer, said, “With the new high-capacity backhaul network from Virgin Media Business we are ready to welcome even more people to the Three family.”

Three, which declared offering its 4G service for free, has already started rolling out LTE in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Reading, and plans to reach 50 towns and cities by the end of the year.

Just a couple of days back Everything Everywhere and Three agreed on 4G network sharing in an attempt to increase 4G rollout for their customers.