Apple removes ‘Blockchain’ Bitcoin app from App store

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Apple has taken off Blockchain, a Bitcoin wallet app for iPhones using which users were able to send and receive Bitcoins, from its App store.

The iPad informed Blockchain.info, the developer of the software, through an email that the app has been delisted from the App store “due to an unresolved issue.”

Bitcoin, one of the most successful and most expensive digital currency, has been making headlines with its legality questioned by governments of multiple countries including India and China. It seems that Apple has removed the app from its App Store in a bid to comply with local laws.

Nicolas Cary, chief executive officer of Blockchain.info, shocked by the decision, said that he is still unclear of the timing of the app’s removal, as it has been in the App Store for the last two years.

This is not the first time that Bitcoin related apps have been removed from Apple’s App store. The California based company late last year removed Coinbase, a Bitcoin buying and trading platform, from its App Store and, more recently, Apple asked the developers of Gliph, a secure messaging platform that allowed Bitcoin transfers, to remove the ability to send and receive Bitcoins in order to have their app on the App Store.

Apple has denied to comment on the matter.

[Source: Bloomberg]