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BT Infinity customers face mysterious connection glitch issues

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BT is receiving numerous complaints from its Infinity customers about being abruptly disconnected from the fibre broadband network when using the telco’s Home Hub 5 wireless router.

Infinity users have been posting their complaints on BT’s community forum, but the company has not yet been able to give any explanations for the problems with its Home Hub 5 gear. One of the users revealed to The Register that the disruptions to BT’s Infinity service had been noticed since Infinity subscribers received a firmware update for the kit, which the company claimed carried the UK’s fastest Wi-Fi signal for compatible 802.11ac devices.

A BT spokesman said, “We are not aware of any issues with the BT Home Hub 5 that might lead to these reports, however we will investigate the issues raised on our forums to see if we can identify anything”.

While some customers have claimed that their hub is trapped in a reboot loop, others are receiving the strange “PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]” line in their router logs. After calling the support desk, some customers have been asked by the BT engineers to replace the new and apparently troubled Home Hub 5 with the old equipment.

This is not the first time that such a connection glitch has evolved, Virgin Media faced a same kind of problem with its SuperHub modem/router combi networking box, which was hit by issues that eventually led its fed-up customers to rename the ISP’s kit as “SuperFail”.