Extratorrent was down due on issues with hosting provider

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One of the most visited torrent site on the Internet, Extratorrent, suffered from connectivity issues with many believing that the site was taken down by law enforcement authorities on piracy grounds.

The domain name wasn’t being resolved and according to an update on the Torrent site’s Facebook page, the issues were related to ISP blockade. But that reason doesn’t seem to be a plausible one as it doesn’t explain the worldwide outage.

If one tried to access the site through its IP address, it was reachable just fine which implicated a possible DNS issue. Extratorrent recommended users to access the site using one of the IP addresses or alternative domain names.

Hours after the issues first cropped up, the torrent site started resolving and according to a statement provided to TorrentFreak, issue was due to their hosting service provider. Extratorrent switched the DNS after that and the delay in propagation was the reason behind the worldwide outage.