French telecoms giant Orange hacked; details of 800,000 customers stolen

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Hackers have managed to breach the defences of Orange and have reportedly stolen details of 800,000 users of the telecoms company’s website.

According to a report on PCINpact, Orange’s website was targeted on January 16 and details of 3 percent of customers stolen including customers’ names, email addresses, mailing address, landline and mobile phone numbers. Orange claimed that passwords are safe.

Orange warned through an email sent warning its customers that hackers may leverage the stolen data to mount phishing attacks and they should be wary of any suspicious emails including those that demand for bank account details, password and other confidential information.

Back in November last year, Orange CEO Stéphane Richard had signed a charter that formalised Orange’s commitment to protecting customers’ private data. Richard had said at the time that protection of customer data was fundamental issue and will becoming increasingly sensitive over a period of time. He added that as Orange was an online operator, it had the obligation of guaranteeing protection of users’ personal data.

Orange has filed an official police compliant about the breach.