Microsoft Windows Phone Store plagued with junk, fake apps

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Windows Phone platform has been gaining a lot of traction lately with its share hitting double digit figures in Europe and has managed to find descent enough takes in Asian markets. Microsoft has also managed to attract developers for its platform and Redmond’s tactics have seemingly worked considering that Windows Phone store registered double digit growth in number of apps during the last five months of 2013.

The increase in number of app submissions and approvals thereafter may seem great, but it’s on the periphery considering that the Windows Phone Store is actually plagued with junk across all categories of the apps and games.

Social Networking

We did a simple search on Windows Phone Store for ‘Facebook’ and to our surprise found at least 40 apps with the word Facebook. Out of these 40 odd apps, we found both free and paid apps with some even costing as much as $2.49.
Just one of the apps out of these 40 is the official Facebook app and remaining ones are third-party apps some of which just point to browser.

Facebook Windows Phone Store

Search for Twitter reveals around 11 apps – both paid and free, while search for LinkedIn brings up around 5 results.

Web Browser

Chrome and Firefox are two of the most famous browsers after Internet Explorer, but there are no Windows Phone versions of either of the browser. To make matters worse, we have even found instances of Safari browser. This is something that is just outrageous.

Google Chrome Windows Phone Store

Searching for Chrome brings up quite a few apps including a set of paid apps. The same is the case with Firefox – the search results of which shows up three apps.

Mozilla Firefox Windows Phone Store