Google releases five mini-games for Google Glass

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Google has released a set of 5 mini-games for Google Glass in bid to inspire game developers to create more games for its wearable gadget.

Fruit Ninja clone, Balance, Clay Shooter, Tennis and Matcher are the five games developed for the wearable device.
Through the Google Glass developer’s blog post, Google revealed that the games have been created in such a way that features including the device’s accelerometer, gyroscope and voice activation can be used while playing them.

While wearers will be using their head as a racket in Tennis, they will be using their head to shift around and stop a pile of shapes from toppling over in Balance.

Wearers’ will need to say ‘Pull’ and move their head to the clay pigeon in the air to shoot it in Clay Shooter.
While Matcher will be a basic card-matching game, Shape Splitter will let user’s use their hands to slice shapes in mid-air.

“Each game is visually simple and straightforward to play,” said Google.

The new mini-games are definitely not the first games built especially for the device. BrickSimple’s multiplayer Battleship-like game dubbed ‘GlassBattle’ and AMA’s puzzle game called ‘Escape’ are some of the earlier games developed for the wearable device.