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The Dell mini 9 goes 3g

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As mini laptops seem to be ever popular, the technology built into these tiny laptops is making the decision of which one to buy a problem. Acer with their Aspire version have begun placing 32 Gigabyte solid state hard drives in their units. For anyone on Earth who doesn’t know what this mean… laptops get bounced around quite a bit. Rotating disk hard drives break when moved about. A solid state drive makes a fairly indestructible portable computer.
The Dell mini 9 laptop is now being sent out with a serviceable 16GB SSD.
At a price of around £250 pounds and preloaded with Windows XP, this is a great little portable computer for keeping in touch with one’s work while on the move. But the big news from Dell is the optional addition of Sony Ericsson 3g mobile card built right into the micro mini. Using a data line connection from Vodaphone these little laptops become the ultimate smartphones as they no longer need a WiFi hot spot to hook up to the world at large.
The only concern is that as usual technology will likely make the card in the Dell obsolete within a couple of years. It might still be wiser to simply plug an aircard into a USB port and await the coming of 4G (or whatever comes next!). Asus, the company that kicked off the whole mini laptop craze is ready to counter the Dell Mini 9 with its T500 3g usb plug in. branded to the ASUS Eee PC the card is inexpensive and lightweight. Of course any 3g phone can be tethered to any laptop but people seem to prefer the illusion of WiFi when using 3g.