Android is the global leader – Kantar

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A recent report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech claims that Android is continuing its lead in almost every market across the globe beating its own previous highs and is well ahead of the cumulative market share of iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

The research data revealed that the Google-owned operating system emerged as the top OS with around 50 percent or more of sales in Australia, China, Europe, Latin America and the US market for the three months to December 2013.
With an estimated 50.6 percent share in the US between October and December 2013, Android topped the list followed by iOS with 43.9 percent share and Windows Phone with 4.3 percent.

Coming next on the list is the European market consisting of five major countries – UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Android with 68.6 percent share of sales continued to dominate the European market with iOS taking the second spot with mere 18.5 percent share. However, Windows Phone didn’t find a great deal of takers and its share flatlined at 10.3 percent for the last three months of 2013.

The scenario is not the same across all markets though! In Italy, Windows Phone with 17.1 percent market share is quite ahead of iOS which holds 12.8 percent share.

In Latin America, Android continued its domination with an estimated 83.5 percent share with Windows Phone making it to the second spot with 4.9 percent of sales followed by iOS with 4.3 percent.

In China, Android holds on to its number one spot with 78.6 percent market share followed by iOS, the second most popular platform with 19 percent share. Windows Phone failed to impress in the walled nation with just 1.1 percent share.

BlackBerry accounting for a very negligible section of the US, Europe and Latin America smartphone market is nowhere to be seen.

According to Kantar Samsung, is under immense pressure in all the markets with its share slipping down by almost 2.2 percent in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK over last year, while its China market share remaining flat at 24 percent during the same period.