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Google’s G1 Handset Gets The Skype Lite Treatment.

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Google’s G1 phone, based on the Andoid operating system is set to have a Skype ‘lite’ version, for direct VoIP, over the GSM network. Because the Skype lite version will run over the GSM net, there will be no necessity for either Wi-Fi or 3G for the software to function.
The Apple iphone has not yet managed to secure the Skype lite software installation, which gives the core Skype capabilities including:
* Skype-to-Skype calls around the world
* Send/receive instant messages between individuals or groups
* Low cost Skype calls to people on landline or mobiles
* Receive calls to your online personal SkypeIn number.
* Check if your Skype contacts are online/available to chat
As the Skype lite software uses both the local air time and mobile net connection, costs can be reduced by ensuring a suitable subscription to both a voice and data calling plan.
It is not yet known if or when the iphone will eventually recieve the Skype lite software, a fact that many say gives the G1 handset yet another advantage over Apples offering.