Apple iTunes Radio may be heading to UK soon

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Apple iTunes Radio could be launching in UK, Canada and Australia soon as users have reported sporadic appearance of iTunes Radio on their music app on both iPads as well as iPhones.

According to Apple Insider, its readers have been reporting appearance of iTunes Radio on their music app from UK, Canada and Australia. Users from UK have even shared screenshots of the new service with the site.

Canadian users have revealed that option does show up and they can scroll through the graphical assets; however, they are not able to use the app for now. It shows ‘iTunes Radio Unavailable’. Some Brits have been lucky enough to spot the service and the surprising bit is that the feature is usable and even streams music [see screenshot below]. One Australian reader reported that iTunes Radio popped up on the music app earlier this week, but hasn’t been visible since then.

itunes Radio UK

Apple hasn’t revealed anything officially yet about an imminent launch outside of the US as it was widely believed that Cupertino was busy working with music labels on licensing terms. There were reports that pegged an early 2014 launch of the service in the UK, but there were not concrete evidence supporting the claims.

iTunes Radio was first announced in June of 2013 during the WWDC and dubbed to be a cross-platform Radio streaming service over the Internet it was finally launched in September alongside iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. About a month and half later, Apple announced at the end of October that it had served over one billion songs to iTunes Radio customers in the U.S.

Apple iTunes Radio not only has curated playlists, but it also allows users to play custom radio stations depending on their preference like songs, artists or genres. If a user starts liking that song, they may add it to their iTunes library by purchasing the song.