Microsoft shipped 3.9 million units of Xbox One to retailers in 2013

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Microsoft shipped 3.9 million units of Xbox One to retailers in 2013 according to its latest quarterly earnings report.

Microsoft’s FY14 Q2 financials report revealed “record” revenues of $24.52 billion for the quarter, up from $21.46 billion during the same period in 2012. Net income for the quarter stood at $6.56 billion, up from $6.36 billion year-on-year.

In the quarter ended December 31, 2013, the company’s total Xbox console shipments stood at 7.4 million, wherein Xbox One stood at 3.9 million while Xbox 360 consoles stood at 3.5 million. Note that this is the number of units shipped to retailers and not consumers.

Microsoft’s leading rival Sony announced earlier that it had successfully sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4 systems to end customers by December 28, 2013.

Microsoft’s devices and consumer hardware division, which includes Xbox hardware sales, third-party game sales, Xbox Live subscriptions, and Microsoft surface tablet sales, recorded significant growth in 2013 over 2012, accounting for $4.7 billion in revenues, up from 2012’s $2.8 billion.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft outgoing CEO, said, “Our Commercial segment continues to outpace the overall market, and our Devices and Consumer segment had a great holiday quarter. The investments we are making in devices and services that deliver high-value experiences to our customers, and the work we are doing with our partners, are driving strong results and positioning us well for long-term growth.”

Microsoft’s Office 365 seats and Azure customers have grown over 100 percent in the latest quarter. The company’s commercial licensing revenue went up by around 7 percent to $9.59 billion owing to server, Office, and, CAL licenses primarily.