FreeBSD 10.0 release builds spotted


FreeBSD 10.0 is finally available for download after a series of delays and an additional rc build.

From the looks of it FreeBSD 10.0 is currently available for all the four architectures, but the official release announcement is missing. Most of the ISOs have been either signed off on January 16 or 17 meaning that the builds have been ready since three days now.

FreeBSD 10.0 comes with great many features including support for ZFS TRIM, LZ4 compression, L2ARC compression, and FUSE file-system. FreeBSD 10.0 is equipped with capabilities to better handle 802.11n BAR TX frames and 802.11n options, and comes with fixes for SMP/concurrency races, and 802.11n TX aggregation.

Further it also packs a SNMP-friendly pf firewall, NetMap framework that allows for direct-to-hardware IO, support for Up to 65536 routing tables, VPS support, support for Unmapped VMIO buffers; Raspberry Pi; Bhyve BSD hypervisor and other general ARM improvements.

FreeBSD 10.0 enthusiasts are more than welcome to download the builds and test them out, but up until the release is officially confirmed chances are that the team may end up changing something.

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