KickAssTorrents blocked in Ireland by some ISPs

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KickAssTorrents, one of the most visited torrent sites in Ireland, has been blocked by many ISPs in the country including Eircom.

The blockades started about three days back with reports trickling in that the ISP blocked the site voluntarily and not because it was forced to do so by court orders. The blockades are in line with earlier reports that Eircom will be implementing a network level block on the torrent site voluntarily without a court order.

After getting the Pirate Bay blocked at ISP level, Irish subsidiaries of Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music went knocking on the court’s doors demanding ISP level blockade of KickAssTorrents. Quite a few ISPs have signed up as respondents, but there were reports that some of the ISPs including Eircom have already cut deals with the music labels agreeing to network level blocks.

Users are reporting on Reddit that the network level block has been live since three days now even though there is no legal backing to the blockade. Users are also confirming blockades by other ISPs as well including Magnet, Imagine, and Vodafone.