IsoHunt.to is the 8th most popular torrent site

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In just two months IsoHunt.to has managed to feature in the top 10 most popular torrent sites in the world at the eighth position with an estimated 15 million unique visitors in a month and over 30 million page views a month.

Two weeks after IsoHunt.com was shuttered as a part of the deal between Gary Fung and MPAA, a completely different team – unrelated to the original IsoHunt team – started a new domain IsoHunt.to with the aim of giving users of the shuttered site a new home.

“We want those people to feel like being at home while visiting isohunt.to. The main goal is to restore the website with torrents and provide users with the same familiar interface”, one of the IsoHunt.to team members had said at the time.

According to TorrentFreak rankings, IsoHunt.to is currently ranked eighth ahead of BitSnoop and RARBG. As of this writing the global Alexa rank of the torrent site is 2,501.

One of the administrators of IsoHunt.to told TorrentFreak that the site managed to garner 200k unique visitors a day in just about a week and by Christmas, the site had as many as 500k unique visitors a day.