Microsoft Build 2014 Developer Conference sells out in 31 hours

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Tickets worth £1282 ($2,095) each for Microsoft’s Build 2014 Developer April Conference were sold out completely in mere 31 hours.

The conference tickets went on sale on Tuesday morning at around 9 a.m. PT and Microsoft called it off at near about 4 p.m. PT on Wednesday. You can get on a wait list if you haven’t managed to buy a ticket.

The two day Build 2014 conference from April 2-4 will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It is the same venue where other leading technology firms like Apple and Google have their developer gatherings.

Although the software giant is yet to unveil the full agenda of the conference, people are expecting launch of an updated version of Windows Phone 8 and a minor refreshed version of Windows 8.1 at the Build conference.

Recent reports indicates that Microsoft may also use the Build 2014 platform to unveil longer range plans for Windows, including a sneak peak of rumoured Windows 9 codenamed “Threshold” which may be launched in 2015.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft may also finally come up with the name of the new CEO at the Build conference as the head of Microsoft’s CEO-search committee had already announced that the company will be revealing the name of its new chief executive early this year.