Facebook adds Twitter-like Trending topics to news feed

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Facebook has launched its new Trending topics feature which will let users spot the latest topics of discussion flaring up among the social networking giant’s 1.2 billion users.

The Trending topics feature will appear on the upper right side of the Facebook page’s News Feed section with a list of topics tailored according to the user’s interests and location. The social networking giant’s trending feature will not only list latest topics of discussion but will also explain why a particular topic is trending.

The new feature will soon be rolled out to users in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and India in the coming weeks. The feature will be made available to users in other countries later on.

Although Trending topics feature won’t be currently available on Facebook’s mobile version, the company has assured that the feature is being tested in its app for smartphones and tablet computers too.

A software engineer at Facebook, Chris Stuhar, who currently work’s on the social networking website’s news feed further explained about the new feature saying that this feature has been designed to reveal the latest and the most interesting news topic across the site and in an effort to make Facebook a user’s “personal newspaper.”